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Soccer – EPL Season Overview

The EPL, or English Premier League, is the most prestigious domestic soccer league in Europe. The EPL has a television coverage that is second to only the NFL. EPL matches are played internationally and are played every year in different countries. The EPL started in 1996 with two teams in England, then four teams joined in 1997. Each team plays at a designated schedule of dates and times and is played for a set amount of time.

In its history, the EPL has had some huge events. The infamous “Newcastle Shield” created an interest in soccer by securing the top English teams from all over the country. This competition helped to encourage the English soccer communities to play their sport more. The next major event was the World Cup, also known as the FIFA World Cup, which is the most popular and prestigious sports event in the world. This tournament is the most attended and watched event by both fans and players.

Currently there are four teams in the EPL. Those teams are Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Cardiff City. Arsenal is currently the top-scoring team in the EPL with an average of 22 goals scored per game. The Red Devils is second and has a great rivalry with the Gunners due to the years that they have shared playing fields. Liverpool and Cardiff City are also competing for fourth place, but each team is only a slight success compared to Arsenal.

There are a lot of different reasons why the EPL has been so successful. One of the reasons is the quality of players that are playing in the teams. Some international teams prefer to only play against other top sides in the EPL and do not play against lower league teams that could be considered lower league. However, the EPL has provided an equal level playing field for all teams with almost every player considered to be a high caliber international player.

The second reason why the EPL has been so successful is the large number of games that are played. There are sixteen teams that have been in the league for three seasons. There are also teams like Watford, Bournemouth, Burnley, Leicester, West Bromwich, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Norwich, QPR, Liverpool, Chelsea, Stoke, Crystal Palace, Watford, Southampton, West Ham, Brighton and Watford, plus many others. This gives every fan a chance to see his/her favorite player in action. The regular season matches are generally longer than the World Cup schedules and provide fans with extra entertainment. In addition, the international games have an added boost of excitement as teams face off against the biggest international stars in the world.

The next four teams in the EPL are currently undergoing major changes in personnel and ownership. They are: Watney, Villa, Manchester City, and Liverpool. I expect that one or more of these four teams will make a deep run into the playoffs. There are no guarantees, but I believe that Villa will be able to contend with Manchester City for a top two spot. In 다음드 , I am looking at Watford as one of my dark horses for a top four finish.g



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