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The evolution of the Microgaming video game poker series

What is poker?

Poker is a very old game and has been played for centuries. This ancient game has been played by the people since the 8th century. At the time, they only had numbered cards that days made out of wood and bark.

Then in the 20th century, the 해외실시간중계 invention of the plastic playing cards came into existence. And before that, in the mid-’90s, they discovered that poker cards can be made on cardboard and sold separately.

After this poker was highly played in the casinos. The famous world game in which you will have cards like numbers from 1 – 9. There are four unique cards out of which one card is not used in playing.

The unique cards are Ace, King, Queen, and Joker. The card which is not used in playing is called as Joker. Moreover, because it does not hold a value as the special card like Ace have a value of 10, the king has a value of 12 and queen has a value of 11.

What is known as video poker?

Video poker is a newer concept and is nothing, but it is merely the poker version. Still, it is in the format of a video game. It can be played on any platform that is on a computer, consoles, and also mobile phones.

One more thing about video poker is that the game has a payout ratio of 100%. Unlike the real poker game in which you play the offline or the physical casino. 

This is because the offline casino will take some amount of money that you have invested and won as a fee. After all, you have opted for the service of the table and the dealer who will need some money to pay for their expenses.

Microgaming has offered all of the video poker players a chance that they can get a 100% cashback if they have won around five games back to back so the money they have invested as a wage will be returned to them along with the profit.

Since Microgaming became so big, they had decided to create more games like slots, blackjack, Baccarat, etc. Those other game which is the most popular in the offline casino to the online format.

After the standard version of the poker got famous, the Microgaming industry decided to create a different and unique version. All the other players in the world would like to try and decide if it is good or not and leave reviews.

What is the Payout ratio?

The payout ratio is the ratio that is calculated at the end of the game when the winners are decided, and the players have to decide whether they want to play one more game or not.

If they decide to leave, then all the player’s wins are calculated along with the money lost, and then they will be awarded the payout of the extra money they have earned by playing.



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