What is the relation between online betting and mobile transactions?

The betting services have taken a rise in mobile transaction services. As mobile phones are the latest technologies that are being currently used to do all the transactions in the new era.

The growth of money and the different money-related services has taken the country of Africa by storm. There are many people from the age of 18 – 50 who are involved in betting and gambling.

This is much famous in Africa. Moreover, as there is no one to take care of the children as after they are born. Their parents akes care of them for a certain age then desert them once they are big enough.

After interviewing such parents, the reporters have to conclude that they want to check whether their child can survive the harsh reality of the world which they have not even seen.

Betting in the European sector and sports played in Europe have no restrictions. They want gambling and betting is to be promoted. They do not have the same regressive thinking as the rest of the world. Moreover, they have a pro-gambling and betting mindset.

The other countries are trying to shut down the gambling, and the betting dens in their country. This step is taken to protect the interest of their children. Also, to stop any illegal and criminal activities related to betting.

They have such a great example in for them like the countries of Africa where little children exposed to gambling and betting.  It has severe effects on them, and they have been addicted to it.

Due to this addiction, they are even ready to steal money from their parents and anyone they meet on the street. They want to use that money in gambling and have their vested interest in it.

Effect on young gamblers

Since the evolution of technology and betting systems being available on mobile phones. It is easy for children to access their parents’ mobile phones and bet on things.

Africa has done the same thing. They have not kept an eye on their children’s, resulting in most of the teenagers becoming thieves and criminals.

The introduction of the banking system on mobile phones and the online format is called the online transaction and digital wallet.

This has made it easy for these 검증커뮤니티 children to get access to their parent’s bank account. Through this they can withdraw money and use it for different purposes in the market.

In America, it is estimated that the common age from which people start to gamble and bet is the age of 35 years.

Also, the children who live in America are not told anything about gambling and betting in their early lives. However, they are exposed to this information once they are old enough to make decisions.

The consequence of mobile-based betting

The main consequence is that people or children are getting introduced to such a bad habit. Moreover, they should be protected.

Africa is one of the most common examples for the rest of the parents in the world to keep in mind and follow while raising their children.


What is the different type of sports betting in the USA?

The first thing you should know about sports betting before you get to know about the different sports bet that is still used in the USA.

Sports is a game that requires a lot of training as well as a lot of teamwork so that your team plays goods and advances their way by winning to the grand finale.

Sports was created back in late 1860 and is still being played in many countries, and football is a sport which is declared as the main sport in the country called Brazil.

This sport is given to Brazil because many international footballers are playing in the international league and that too from different teams and they are very good at it.

What is betting?

Betting is a term used for the word gambling as betting is just the same, but the only difference is that in betting you guess the outcome of the thing on which you are betting on.

In gambling, you gamble with money. Because you are playing a game of luck or skill. Moreover, you want to put money so that you can take a risk and win some more money.

Gambling is done because in casinos there are games like poker, slots, etc. which require you to put real money into your account so that you can buy tokens to play a game in the online casinos.

In betting, you will have to bet on the outcome of something. After you have done all the research about a particular thing or a sport or any game on which you are guessing the outcome.

Occasionally, betting is done on many things. But it is done mostly on the professional sports game. Moreover, due to the fact that there is a lot of money involved in the betting game. Also this requires the better to research a lot.

If you go and bet without any research about the team or the game. It is sure that you will lose money as you need to have at least basic knowledge about them or the team, game.

Do different sports bet in the United States?

The United States is the only country in the world where there are many gamblers and bettors. Moreover, they want to double their money just by doing nothing and simply guessing.

Here is all the different bet which are made in the United States.

Moneyline bets

This means that the bettor will not put a large amount of money on the bet. As a bet to guess the winning team in a specific sports match.

Spread betting

This is a bet which is made against all the odds which favour a certain team. The bettor will put money on the team, which is favourable to win.

Total bet

This means that the bettor is certain that a team is going to win. And, is putting a lot of money at stake.

 Teaser bets

This bet is made with a low amount and that too on a team that is certain to win.


The evolution of the Microgaming video game poker series

What is poker?

Poker is a very old game and has been played for centuries. This ancient game has been played by the people since the 8th century. At the time, they only had numbered cards that days made out of wood and bark.

Then in the 20th century, the 해외실시간중계 invention of the plastic playing cards came into existence. And before that, in the mid-’90s, they discovered that poker cards can be made on cardboard and sold separately.

After this poker was highly played in the casinos. The famous world game in which you will have cards like numbers from 1 – 9. There are four unique cards out of which one card is not used in playing.

The unique cards are Ace, King, Queen, and Joker. The card which is not used in playing is called as Joker. Moreover, because it does not hold a value as the special card like Ace have a value of 10, the king has a value of 12 and queen has a value of 11.

What is known as video poker?

Video poker is a newer concept and is nothing, but it is merely the poker version. Still, it is in the format of a video game. It can be played on any platform that is on a computer, consoles, and also mobile phones.

One more thing about video poker is that the game has a payout ratio of 100%. Unlike the real poker game in which you play the offline or the physical casino. 

This is because the offline casino will take some amount of money that you have invested and won as a fee. After all, you have opted for the service of the table and the dealer who will need some money to pay for their expenses.

Microgaming has offered all of the video poker players a chance that they can get a 100% cashback if they have won around five games back to back so the money they have invested as a wage will be returned to them along with the profit.

Since Microgaming became so big, they had decided to create more games like slots, blackjack, Baccarat, etc. Those other game which is the most popular in the offline casino to the online format.

After the standard version of the poker got famous, the Microgaming industry decided to create a different and unique version. All the other players in the world would like to try and decide if it is good or not and leave reviews.

What is the Payout ratio?

The payout ratio is the ratio that is calculated at the end of the game when the winners are decided, and the players have to decide whether they want to play one more game or not.

If they decide to leave, then all the player’s wins are calculated along with the money lost, and then they will be awarded the payout of the extra money they have earned by playing.


What 토토검증 Are The Top Investment Comics Of 2020 And Why?

Professional handicappers 토토검증 are always in tune with the emotional situations. Betting on professional sports can turn your average Joe into multi-millionaires quick depending on how much you’re willing to risk on each game. I have personally seen some handicappers go 29/30 or 30/31 for the month and have only lost one game in an entire month. Mobile cellphone devices now these days have the world wide web and within a few mins you can bet on any online game you’d like. They are, to date, the only video game adaptations to increase the amount of money made by each successive film. NCAA football picks analytical about your money dedicated collegefootballwinning based in college football picks. You need to drop this type of handicapper right away and find one that is honest, loyal, has a winning % over 82, and only charges a 1 time fee per month for sports picks. It’s also not possible for anyone that he could win the game by doing right predictions continuously. Game play is now at 60 frames per second, versus Fight Night Round Three?

Now it is so simple to bet online, you can even do it on your phone! So now as you have seen the advantages of wifi networks, but that’s not the case always. Who knows the untold advantages this could have had on The Thing’s life. 10) Physical activity was part of their daily life and culture, for some it was just fun, for others a real profession. Free handicapping leave positive impact on the mind of visitors as it shows true and dedicated approach of the handicapper towards this profession. Please feel free to call us anytime for all your sporting needs. Outdoor games are best for someone who wants an enjoyable time and also to have fun in free time. The first reason is you have AT LEAST a 50/50 shot of winning any game! 토토검증 These types of medicines are generally used when the game is live and the injured player must have to be in the field. People who loves to bet on various sports like football, baseball and soccer must buy sports pickswisely as it let them make a huge amount of money. You are probably the normal fan of sports that prefers to just bet on your preferred sports group.

When you bet online sports what is the method that you use? Many sports books out there provide a 10% or better sign-up reward for new individuals becoming a member of the sportsbook. Find the best sports handicapper out there possible. Winning Sports Pick are the greatest feeling in the world if you’re winning large amounts of money, and fun to! There is no guaranteed sports picks, but there are some great sport handicappers out there that can pick a sports pick and win 82% of the time or better. They pick their lineups in the morning, see their results in the evening, and get the corresponding token payout in the same day. So many individuals drop countless numbers and countless numbers sportsbetting every individual day. Drag and drop the speech bubble to the first panel. Today is the first lesson in VPN: What is VPN? After I felt I had enough characters to work with, I decided to create my first strip. Whether you want to want to work with a particular company, within an agency or yourself, here are our tips for how to become a business consultant. There are many blogs and article directories which work for sport lovers.

When you gamble, there are not many things you can gamble on with that kind of a percentage. Latest sport updates can easily be accessed from various websites. The federation of Hockey in India is the body which governs this sport in India. The golden era of hockey in India is from 1930 to 1950. The team of Indian men of hockey is very successful in the history of Olympics. Hockey belongs to a family of sports where two teams are playing against each other. The national sports of India is hockey. At present the sport of cricket has gained a lot of popularity in India. This is guessed by the fact that any changes or updates that occur in the matches can be followed immediately by the sports news India. The lack of sports mascots based on Americans of African, Asian, and Mexican descent only supports claims made by opponent groups that Native Americans are being singled out. You are better off holding out and continuing to look for a provider. 2. Look for a handicapper that will assurance you a successful 30 days or a refund. 1. Look for a sports handicapper not in this kind of enterprise to rip you off.

Various sports are being played in this country since a few decades. Those days are gone when sport lovers have to wait for a long period of time for getting news. However, cricket as a sport has also gained a lot of popularity. Physical Benefits- Playing a sport involves lots of physical movement by the player. Playing online has been around since the starting of the world wide web demand. You can check with retail stores and on-line web pages to track down the precise possibility that you are browsing for. Apart from these all these sports cars are designed in such a way that minimum a single or two people can afford to sit. There issue is they do not spend time searching for sports gaming collections, sports gaming information, sports possibilities, and sports stay possibilities. There are many people involved in it which are known as handicappers. In a layman language, handicapping is known as betting that have been taken by people in various games such as Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball along with various other sports & games.


Bear Alley: 꽁머니 3만 April 2020

By coincidence, I recently read and 꽁머니 3만 enjoyed his Green Arrow origin series. That first post explained the origin of the name – Bear Alley – and that I had spent 25 years trying to reconstruct some of the records that had once been held there. This 2016 drama was adapted from a Korean webtoon of the same name. Visit the top 10 webtoon websites below to read great manhwa webtoon series. One of the biggest benefits of posting to WEBTOON is that there is a large fan-base of comic readers that are already coming there to read comics! I had a good few years in the nineties (editing and managing three magazines at one point, plus freelance work) which has financed quite a few years of not earning much. Tony Foster says this is due to advice that many specialist magazines are leaving their current issue-in the case of ComicScene that’s issue 12mdash;on newsstands for an extended series. Bear in mind, comics are a hobby — it is not like I am an expert on this stuff. I believe Chris Murray, who also had his own small team from the Scottish Centre for Comics Studies (University of Dundee) that included Megan Sinclair, Zu Dominiak and Anya Morozova, was also part of the organizers who did all the heavy lifting along with the Comics Research Hub (University of the Arts, London) – if I’ve missed anyone, my apologies.

After an introduction from Steve 꽁머니 3만 Marchant and an astonishing video trip around Peter Hansen’s collection, panel one was chaired by Phillip Vaughan, and included Julia Round, Chris Murray, Jenni Scott, John Freeman and David Roach. Chris Hallam, timeline compiler, also has a feature on Halo Jones and a third on Watchmen. Expecting to find them a few pages on, it was a surprise to find myself in the middle of a 2000AD timeline celebrating 42 years of the comic. You can join their forums to find what you’re looking for. Discovering what exists is, again, a vital first step to making it available to a wider audience, whether it is what’s in these old comics and storypapers that could be reprinted or what artwork has survived and how and where it can be displayed. When researching Boy’s World I missed talking to its first editor’s brother by three weeks. Sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, track and field events are truly global and played in most parts of the world. There are different types of hepatitis, and each has its specific causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

With the UK Comic Art Convention coming to a close in the late Nineties, there were no dedicated national comic conventions for some time. They seem to be recovering and may perform better this time. On the other hand, being empathetic helps to better understand the real motivations of each person and help them throughout the process, so they feel accompanied in their effort. People who hire the services of a personal trainer hope that this professional will help them to improve their performance in a sport, get a better physical form to combat a sedentary lifestyle or achieve the desired appearance. Finding a good toy for your children may be hard sometimes, since everything is so expensive these days, and you don’t even know what to get them. Even Commando, which will publish its 5,300th issue in January, has been in experimental mood, reintroducing characters and experimenting with historical and horror tales.

‪Please order your copy by 31 March for print/digital issue so we can get in post to you (our enhanced digital issue can be ordered up to and beyond the date!). I think this actually turned out to be a good thing, and after a brief attempt to get it off to a (slightly) structured start to get us going, I tried to keep up the momentum of the first panel with the second. Think about what is the comic is about. Then others began to pop up, until now there are at least a dozen conventions, some large (Lakes, Think Bubble, the MCM Comic Con) and many more local and smaller scale events. With more than seven thousand varieties to choose from, only the best ones are selected for the trademark crunch and sweetness that would later be exhibited by the Fuji apple. It’s entertaining, informative and probably the best thing the magazine has published this year.

It seems a little odd to complain about comics dominating a magazine about comics, but comics now take up almost 50 of the magazine’s 80 pages. Along with Peter Hansen, who had the thankless task of herding the participants into the correct cat boxes and getting them to London, this little team deserve everyone’s thanks for making the day pass so smoothly. It might not be everyone’s idea of a career, but it has allowed me to write about comics and lost authors without having to worry about the size of the audience. This issue contains Richard Bruton’s excellent review of 2019, a fascinating, sprawling look back at everything from what has been happening in the major American comics universes (Marvel, DC) to the highlights of British publishing, including the wide range of material being published by Rebellion supporting its 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics brands. Then we’re into the reviews of small press comics, the coverage being as good as ever. Steve J. Ray interviews Andy Diggle, which has some interesting insights into his career and work, including a period as Tharg the Mighty and as a writer on 2000AD, and then in the USA on such diverse titles as Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Batman Confidential and Daredevil.



The game is rated 먹튀검증 acceptable for kids age thirteen and higher. The game is rated acceptable for that age 10 and higher. Educated at Oxford University, at the age of thirty four, he wrote his first novel, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less. The interesting dialogue-based stories of Motu-Patlu comic are ideal for entertaining the readers of any age group. Lowell, MA – Blacklock’s Due, a fantastical, thrilling comic that takes the reader on a supernatural adventure through hell, redemption, and a battle between good and evil, this week launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing to complete the comic and accompanying graphics. The graphics and the stunt sequences are eye-catching and cool. You will stop being interested in cool things like watching TV shows, playing video games, and even doing funny tests in Facebook. Unfortunately, this tardiness, even if minimal, can take a heavy toll on the meeting’s ability to deliver productive results.

Johnny goes and meets the sect and the sect informs him that the devil wants to take over the soul of his mortal son and make him as an apprentice of the devil. One day an alcoholic warrior monk comes to meet Johnny and informs 먹튀검증 him that a religious sect had sent him to find Johnny. The comic content comes from Marvel, Ape Entertainment, Archaia, BOOM etc. And with a universal app, your iPhone iVerse Comics App and the iPad iVerse Comics App are one and the same. Use the Fuji apple in an apple pie, may be call it a Fuji apple pie – Christmas comes every year but Fuji apple pies might make it last the entire year, like themselves. Their signature largeness and spherical shape has given apple lovers worldwide, a new crispier and sweeter experience. In the final scene of the movie, when the devil offers to relieve Johnny from his burden and gives his soul back, Johnny declines and says that he would use the power given to him against the devil and save the lives of innocent people and avenge his father’s death. According to statistics, approximately 1.26 billion people use tablets across the globe.

Therefore, purchase and make the best use of this software that enables you to impart the best visual knowledge to baseball players. Not to throw another one at you, but there’s a costume in need which could greatly use for any change you have to spare. Metal rebars have long been used by the construction industry. Make an afternoon craft project by possessing kids generate their own construction paper masks for their picked characters prior to sending them out on their missions. There are so many brilliant Marvel characters that it’s one seriously hard challenge to choose the best among all of them. The original story as per the comic book is a lot different from the movie but the characters and the plot are the same. But he said if the script was interesting and the story was entertaining, he would be happy in reprising his role of Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. The story is independent from any written for the screen. Released in late 1996, “Batman Forever: The Arcade Game” functions for PC, Sega Saturn plus the authentic PlayStation.

The first installment was released in 2007 and it was a blockbuster hit. Surprisingly the Marvel Comics and the producers have taken a lot of time for releasing the second installment of this popular franchise. Web comics can be any size you would like, though you should keep in mind the typical viewer’s display size. Pay attention on every detail when you are about to opt for one, and then you ought to keep waiting for the exciting comic con. If you think that the super hero monograms are random and casual, then you are wrong! Before you get excited, this isn’t some epic rivalry between Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto – well if apples came alive, it might happen then. Batman has had a starring role in video games since “Batman” came out for Commodore 64, Gameboy and Atari systems. Give kids a lesson in old-school gaming by pulling out one of many Batman themed board games.

Some kids , esspecially boys, love of all items linked to Batman reaches fanatical levels. Certainly, it is a rewarding form of news writing for journalists who love their sport. With the increasing reach of medical sciences stem cell technology has created an immense impact on the people who are suffering from muscular dystrophy. Bluetooth hearing aids allow someone who chooses to get in touch with company co-workers, good friends, and family members or tune in to their preferred tunes minus needing to handle those cumbersome lines. It’s good to see things being up-cycled. They are a great source of entertainment and provide a good stimulation to the brain. It’s either a great success or a huge disappointment. The storyline has great potential and could have been one of the most exciting action games seen this year. Pretty cool, right? What’s cooler is her action scenes – because she’s a gangster, you’ll see her awesome stunts. The quality of the artwork and scenes are reminiscent of a 1999 era game console. This practice obviously should raise concern regarding whether or not the agency is referring that financial advisor because of their performance and quality of services.


LearnEnglish Teens – British Council

Placing Barbie dolls around the table and having a Barbie doll cake will make the party extra special. Dressing the birthday boy up in the Batman costume will help make him feel extra special. Studies worldwide provide valuable information about the political, geographical, economic, cultural, social, aesthetic and historical aspects of sports and it is firmly believed that they will continue ‘shaping’ one another in the years to come. With superheroes, there will always be an audience, but that audience has changed. In spite of the Ghost rider’s reputation of being inevitable, there have been many accidents on the sets of the movie. WhatsApp has inspired many creations, wedding invitations being one of them. 3. Being all ZEN and trying to become functional by, standing on a BOSU ball, getting your fat wobbled on a power plate or being strapped up in a suite with electrical impulses running through your veins won’t increase your life span. Description: Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a mighty immortal goblin who was looking for a human bride that can finally help him end his life and immortality. Sports is a fun party theme especially for an end of a season little league party. Story lines continue to follow after the End Game saga.

The General Approach- You can always add some of the old and famous punch lines in your script to keep it light. For the 15th year old girl a Mis Quince Party Theme and for the 16th year old girl a Sweet 16 Party Theme. Both a cartoon and a movie Scooby Doo Party Theme. Have the cartoon playing in the background. Sponge Bob Party Theme a cartoon that even the parents can sing the song! The comic book movie is no longer just the domain of elitist geeks (not that it ever really was), but now something that everyone can take an interest in. Horror comic books are read by people belonging to diverse age groups due to their consuming storyline and freaked out offering of fear that many long to feel. To make your comic horror show a success, you need to appoint an artist who is an expert both in painting, as well as dealing with the software used to make these drawings.

So, if you have a pertinent storyline that can really cause the body hairs to stand on their ends, then, all you need is a horror art artist who can make the paintings quite a show for the dreadful theme. What critics need to remember is that these characters have had decades to become the fully realized people that appear on screen. These characters come supplied with a ready-made background and motivations, making it much easier for filmmakers to bring a vibrant portrayal to the screen. Cartoons are coming back because their audiences have come back, i.e. gained relevance. Now, movie audiences are starting to see the same grit and level of drama that comics audiences have known of for years. There are a lot of benefits to shopping for these types of comics on the Internet, rather than going to a local retail store to find them. Is there a way that we might rectify this, however?

Theo and his brother tried their best to save the non-undead people but only saved 7 people: Alix Blanche, Tia L’enclos, Valens Augustine, Axel Lascher, Esther Flier, and Mr. & Mrs. Barron. The story line leads with a superstar motorcycle stunt rider by the name of Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) who makes a deal with the bad man or the devil to safeguard people whom he loves the most. For folks who do not browse comic publications, or look at cartoons, or play video games, they would look at Cosplay and its followers with a hint of skepticism. Gothic horror has attained quite a bit of fame due to their realistic look and fantastic style that represents the shadowy realm of evils. After trying a few different mediums like graphite, charcoal, and ink I quickly realized my drawing style and technique lent itself well to digital drawing. These machines were packaged and marketed so well that the market appeal increased even more.


Now We 메이저놀이터 Can Read Comics And Novels In IBooks – Software

She’s part of a family. But as the Supergirl episode ‘Crisis on Earth X, Part One’ had a lot of Alex/Kara moments embedded in it, I felt I should review it by itself. In the end, I may review the remaining three parts all in one giant post. Major, show-changing events occur, changing the landscape of three shows definitively while adding thematic progression to the other. As I have said many times before, if you told a young Anj that 4 DC televisions shows would be on at one time, that they would not only deal with the comic characters but embrace the entirety of the DCU, and that one of them would be Supergirl, I would tell you to not talk nonsense. Not only should we understand this, these characters are constantly reminded of it. Apart from this, there was superman, batman, spider man also were very 메이저놀이터 popular for their heroic deeds.

But either way, as I am writing this, we are done and I am thoroughly and utterly pleased with this. The other items that determine the comic book values are the popularity in the long term. He remains a role model to young Marvel fans as well, since his character consistently upholds the values of education and learning, physical fitness, and the importance of good manners. Lastly, I know some friends have commented on how this storyline seems to be copying some of the beats from the Marvel cosmic 메이저놀이터 books such as Annihilation. This all can get very confusing if you don’t know what your requirements are. It interests everybody to know about the leading sports personalities, tensions between them, game strategies, their personal lives and what not. Simply put, the profile of a personal trainer should be that of an example to follow for the users of their services. It is the Superman Family versus the Superman Revenge Squad with planet Earth at risk. And there is so much Supergirl, appropriate for a Superman Family fight but something missing for too long in the super-books. I wanted to be the cool, brave reporter that helps people fight crime and triumph over evil.

Working from the premise that quite a few folks (including both Kupperbergs) believe that clowns are not only not funny, but also quite often both evil and terrifying. When you use your computer for a long time, it reaches a point where things are not the same anymore. But most importantly, important things happen in this crossover. And I just love the fact that this crossover came with this specific title card, making sure that everyone understands the magnitude of this event. Nothing says comics more than a crossover. Of all the cons I go to, I tend to buy the most comics at GraniteCon because I actually have the time to thumb through books. After the hectic ‘work atmosphere’ feel that I have in bigger cons (like Boston or this year’s Terrificon), Granite is a bit cozier and a bit more laid back. One of the ones I have attended regularly has been the Granite State Comicon or GraniteCon for short.

Delaware State Lampeter, Pa. You are still making appearances at comics conventions and events like the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (2018), the 40 Years of Thrill-power Festival (2017), a celebration of 2000AD and the launch of your own art book, The Art of Ian Kennedy, published by DC Thomson last year. As I have said many times, I am lucky enough to have a number of comic conventions that are near enough to my home that I can easily attend. I have loved all this and I have liked that recently we have a more streamlined feel to the book. If you feel like your strip would be a good fit for newspapers, talk to a syndicate. This is a real tough person that was made to last and mom and dad probably should not feel concerned over damage or deprivation. I am on the back half of my 40’s and have been reading comics for over 30 years.

Ed Hill, Howard: has served as the Sports Information Director at Howard for over two decades (1983-present). The talented writer’s stories have appeared in USA Today and the NCAA News. Numerous examples of violence in professional sports exist today, as counties like the United States, Canada, Greece, Italy and Germany, report court cases have been heard which concern the victims of violence perpetrators. Correlating with NATA Standards, SPORTS MEDICINE ESSENTIALS: CORE CONCEPTS IN ATHLETIC TRAINING & FITNESS INSTRUCTION, 3rd Edition… It is used in traditional medicine and has many health and beauty benefits. Reading newspapers also benefits the kids as it improves their vocabulary. I was young Anj, reading a comic he had folded and put in his back pocket, under a tree at the summer hour again. When a comic can make me be young Anj again, heart-pounding, watching titans battle, the fate of the world at stake, I am ecstatic.